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World Introduction

Welcome to Magic Cat World! We are a pet cat house located in Zhunan Township, Miaoli County, dedicated to creating a magical and fantastic living environment for cats. Our mission is to ensure that every cat can enjoy the happiest and most comfortable life.

Thank you very much for choosing Magic Cat World. Let's work together to create a magical world for beloved cats!

    Variety Introduction

  • Selkirk Rex,
    the magic curly cat

    the perfect companion for families as they have naturally occurring traits and are a unique breed. They have gentle and friendly personalities that make them the ideal family member.

    Compared to the Devon Rex, Selkirk Rex has a more robust and round body shape similar to that of a British Shorthair. Compared to the LaPerm Cat, Selkirk Rex has a cuter and more adorable face with longer and curlier hair, making them the most adorable breed of cats that have a combination of roundness and curly long hair.

  • Munchkin Cat,
    the surprising cat

    always full of love and surprises. They will bring you a lot of joy with their cute and adorable short legs. Although they have short legs, they have a slightly longer body, round chest, and sturdy rear end, which allows them to move quickly!

    Munchkin Cats have friendly and intelligent personalities, just like children. They are lively and innocent, making them a smart and adorable magical pet to bring home.

  • The British Shorthair,
    as a British nobility, exudes calm confidence and lazy comfort.

    This breed has existed in Europe for a long time and is known for its medium-sized and powerful physique. They have short legs, a broad chest, sturdy bones, and a round head that is topped off with dense, soft short hair, making them look like teddy bears that you'd want to give a big hug!

    British Shorthairs enjoy being around people, and their dignified temperament, calm and easy-going demeanor make them the perfect companion for you.

  • The Maine Coon,
    the dominant ruler of the magical world, has a wild appearance that belies their gentle nature.

    They have a robust physique, oval-shaped eyes that can be green, golden, or bronze, and a long and fluffy tail that adds to their wild beauty. They are muscular and can weigh up to 7 kilograms, especially male Maine Coons.

    Maine Coons are beloved and admired pets in the magical world due to their strong and healthy body, charming and friendly personality, and stunning beauty. They are the perfect companion for anyone who loves cats and wants a loyal and affectionate pet.

  • The Minuet Cat,
    the queen of the magical world, exudes unparalleled elegance and grace.

    Their most distinctive feature is their cute and adorable short legs. Despite having short legs, they are still incredibly fast due to their long body, round chest, and sturdy rear end.The Minuet Cats have charming and friendly personalities. They are intelligent and inquisitive, and they love to play and explore the world around them. They love attention, so they make great companions for those who enjoy spending time with their pets.

    Their long, soft hair and unique color patterns make them among the most beautiful cats in the magical world. A Minuet Cat is the perfect addition to any family or individual who wants a loyal, affectionate, and elegant companion.

  • The Ragdoll,
    an unintentional fairy who fell into the magical world, has long, soft, and beautiful fur that looks like cotton candy.

    Although it is prone to tangles, regular grooming and cleaning will not affect its popularity. Ragdoll cats are known for their stunning appearance. They love to snuggle and are very affectionate, with a round face and big blue eyes that seem to cast a spell on anyone who looks at them.

    In addition, there is a new version of the Ragdoll cat with a very short nose, small ears like tiny nuggets, and a flat profile. The fur is less prone to tangling, and their cute mouths are even more adorable to look at.

    side. They are gentle and enjoy cuddles and affection, making them the perfect addition to any family or individual.


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